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The Story...

Recently, The Garden City Observer ran a story featuring Mister B's Pet Salon owner, Al Bologna and his donationof two pet oxygen masks to the Garden City Fire Dept. These oxygen masks are important in conducting fire rescues in which a dog or cat needs oxygen. Human oxygen masks are often not effective as they fit differently. The masks which were donated to the Fire Dept. are designed specifically for dogs and cats. Fire Departments across the country constantly encounter the problem of pets needing oxygen. Not all fire departments have oxygen masks specifically designed for pet, however...

"It’s heartbreaking for firefighters when they arrive at a fire where family pets are suffering from smoke inhalation, and there is little they can do.We have actually tried using human oxygen masks for pets, but it’s usually not effective.”
-Bushnell, FL, Station 11Shift Commander Rob Hanson.
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There are many cases of where a fire department was able to successfully rescue a cat or dog due to the availability of a pet oxygen mask.
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